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  • Rumor has it 'In the midst of all this devastation, something good had come. The Green confirmed the Prism is well endowed, hurr hurr hurr!'
  • Some men are making waves! 'The new drug, sex with the Unseelie King. Women line the blocks just to see his joystick. How to get your time with him at 8'
  • So much gossip floating about 'Word is baby daddy to the Oranges unborn has fled the states. That's okay, this baby might have two mom's instead. Double the cookies!'
  • If not two mommies, then The Orange and the Prism seem to be at odds, is this a paternal matter? Just who is the Orange with?!
  • Everybody being n.a.u.g.h.t.y! Blackguard in training had been seen k.i.s.s.i.n.g. with her teacher under the bleachers. Detention for both tomorrow...
  • In the wake of Dylan's disappearance, Blackguard Trainee Penny Wakeland under scrutiny for her brothers whereabouts.
  • In other rings of gossip 'Medium claims the late Blue's ghost haunts her in the shower.'
  • Recent increase of Amber Alerts still remains unsolved, children just show back up, are you in the danger zone?
  • Dollhouse under new ownership! Half price dolls, two for the price of one! One limit per household, no rainchecks.
  • BREAKING NEWS! A slew of murders arise in Lochstone! But not just any, with one Spectrum Member; the White missing. Two more have been murdered. The Sub-Red Clara Hale, and the Blue Steven Hill as well as these three Spectrum's contenders. More info inside.
  • Jaxon Press addresses concerns of continual problems with Wights, with firm beliefs they are not the cause of the latest crisis. Putting his faith in the Blackguard who are now recently under new Charge, Luxlord Black, Black.
  • People are beginning to panic by the scattering onset of violence, that proves to be less, and less random by the day.

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 Lexa the Undoing
Post Demon
The Spectrum
money to spend
Time Zone: EST
Apr 15 2016, 08:36 AM

Lexa Kokinos
Full name and/or Alias
Lexa the Undoing
May 15, 1988
Sexual Orientation
Color, Type or Psychic Power
Ex cartel employee, now lost in the sithen
South / unseelie sithen
Face Claim: marie avgeropoulos

Lexa wasn't always so tall. The drug changed her, but she's still recognizable. The woman stands at five feet and eleven inches. Impressive compared to her previous five feet and three inches. Lexa is fairly thin and muscular. She has curves in great places and uses it to her advantage.

Before the change Lexa's features were sharp, but they've been enhanced. Her jaw is sharper as well as her nose. Lexa has a diamond face shape. Her almond shaped eyes were always a vibrant green but now as a fata, when someone looks deep into her eyes they see their own undoing. It is unsettling to say the least.

Her hair is fairly long coming to her mid back. It's fine and thin, typically not doing anything Lexa would like. As a human it was a flat dull brunette, but now, it's glorious sheen, something she's proud of. Her skin was an olive tone before, now it's enhanced and has a slight sheen to it, especially when wielding power.

Typically Lexa likes clothes that fit well, maybe show off a little bit too much. She never really cared too much about fashion, and paves her own path. If Lexa likes it, she wears it. Her makeup is kept to showcasing her eyes and lips. It can be dramatic at times.

Sassy, snarky, slutty. That's what some people call her. While Lexa won't deny the sassy or snarky part, she hates being called a slut. Not wanting to settle down is okay, ans wanting to have some damn good sex is fine too. Take that judgmental shit else where. Oh, also, obviously blunt.

Lexa is wild and an adventurer at heart. She's always wanted more out of life, to push herself and her limits. Staying still or in the city for too long is dull and boring. She always wants to try new things, learn more, and be more.

Thanks to Lexa's bit of a free spirit, she's also pretty tough. She stands up for herself, knows how to throw a punch, and doesn't back down. Confrontation doesn't bother, but she doesn't actively go looking for fights.

    Glamourous: Lexa is a brand new fata, and new to powers in general. This ability takes a lot of work for her. She can make small changes, like hair color or eyes. Nothing much past that. No feelings, no major facial changes, no hiding body imperfections.

    Immortal and Loving it: She has stopped aging now, at 27. Little does Lexa know, but she is more resistant to harm and can survive a lot. The immunity to diseases will be nice. No more cold! She has noticed the strength, however, Lexa likely won't be anything to gawk at compared to others. She has become more graceful, but only compared to humans.

    Domain of the Undoing: Lexa can literally undo things. Magic, items, shields. Anything that can be made, can be undone. Lexa isn't even aware all the possibilities of this power. Things will unravel at her will. With concentration, it can be done quickly or slowly.


    Iron and Technology: Lexa is allergice to pure iron. It doesn't make her as sick as most pure fata, instead it makes her weak. It's much harder to use her magic in the city. The technology it's too bad, but her powers are kind of on hold till she spends more time in the sithen and away from it all.

    Elemental Opposition: After things are 'undone' they can be remade. Maybe not to it's fullest glory. Someone could likely freeze her or force her to stop.

    Superstitions: This is mind boggling to Lexa. A black cat crossing their path will actually bring bad luck.... who would have thought?! She doesn't even know many supersititons, but Lexa better start studying!

Lexa was born in Santorini, a small Island in the Aegean Sea. A gorgeous place many want to vacation there. It was small and not many came out for trouble. Sure a drafter or talented popped out every so often, but they rarely came back. Lexa had a few siblings, all ended up simple human like her. But, unlike her they were boring. Lexa craved adventure and more to life. Yes, the view was gorgeous, but it wasn't enough to keep the girl intrested.

Her family was simple, things were happy, but at sixteen Lexa ran away.

It wasn't easy, and was likely dumb, but she went to America... Specifically Lochstone. The hub of the Sa'Kage and Chromeria. It took her months of slowly stealing money to buy a not so legal way to America. She didn't have powers, but she was talented in other ways. Lexa could cook... Large portions at a time. She could fish, clean and gut it. The young woman learned to pick pocket quickly. Even as a teen, Lexa looked like an adult. She batted her eyelashes and got away with a lot.

Thankfully, she found the Black Dragon guild. Lexa wasn't a child (in her mind) but, other guilds might not have accepted her. She helped as much as she could in order to learn how to survive. Being tough and knowing how to throw a punch wasn't enough.

Around the age of twenty, Lexa needed to move on. She was acting as a mother to most of the children, and that was what she had run away from. Picking another guild wasn't easy, but in the end she ended up at Santa Maria cartel. She started out as a drug mule. Nothing glamorous, but Lexa could prove her worth this way. Eventually, she moved up to being able to make deliveries that required little attention. Who would think it odd for a 'high class prostitute' to go to an elected officials place? Little did people know the money exchanged has nothing to do with sex. Something Lexa would never do for money.

For years Lexa lived her life fairly comfortably and never really looking back at leaving Greece behind. She wanted more out of life, and some might not think she got it. But, every job was an adventure. Sometimes fights happened, sometimes someone was killed. Either way... It was fun.

Life stayed the same, till recently when the drug Amaranth was released. What if.... What if it would awaken her? The adrenaline junky in her was racing. That would be an adventure. Lexa made her way into a trail, and it worked..... Lexa had latent chromosomes. She became a fata.

It was only days before the press conference. Lexa was terribly weak in her room watching it on her television. They were wonderful! They were welcoming the newly awakened to their respective homes. Lexa had just found her home..... With the unseelie.

Lexa was getting used to the idea of living in the sithen. Iron bothered her, but technology wasn't terrible. It was too hard giving up her favorite places in the slums. It's how she found herself at the dragon for sushi.

She wore dark jeans, boots, and a black tanktop. Her long hair was down with a slight wave to it. Lexa loved being able to show off her skin. The bit of incandescent sheen over the olive made her look beautiful.

Sitting by herself waiting for someone to bring her food when free drinks were announced. Oh hell yes! Wait, could the unseelie still get drunk? Fuck! A beer was brought to Lexa, and she got up and sat down across from the man that bought it. 'thanks for the beer. What's the occasion?'


In submitting an application and joining Black Prism, I am expressing that I have read all the rules and applicable information and will abide by them. Should I break a rule, I will accept any repercussions with grace and dignity. I understand that not remembering rules is not an excuse for breaking them, though I understand staff attempts to be understanding in that memory lapses occur.


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Apr 15 2016, 03:58 PM
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